Documents from the U.S. Espionage Den

Documents from the U.S. Espionage Den (اسناد لانه جاسوسي آمريکا) is a 77-volume publication series containing original U.S. intelligence documents—along with Persian translations—that were seized from the Tehran embassy in 1979 and published throughout the 80s and 90s by the Students following the Line of the Imam (دانشجويان مسلمان پبروخط امام). At that time, and for years after, it was the largest U.S. intelligence leak in history. Embassy staffers had attempted to shred documents, but the low-quality paper shredders allowed for them to be reassembled—as the myth goes—by “carpet-weaving women.” The film Argo depicts this task being performed by a group of child laborers. Below are links to PDFs of the English language sections of the majority of these books.

US Embassy in Tehran

Vol English Cover Persian Cover English title Content keywords
1 [Exposing Imperialism] Embassy; Shah [planning for the Shah to come to the US]; Commerce [Agriculture, Housing Systems and Related Equipment]; Iran-US Relations; 4 photographs of embassy
2 [Deciphering Imperialism] Mohamad Ali Massoudi; Mohamad Derakhshesh
4 post-revolution; “The causes of the revolution were;” Iran-America Societies; counterfeit money
5 Decipherer Counterfeit money; 43 photographs
6 Post-revolution; persian paranoia; half shaved, but fairly sane, young “new men; greasy old “new men;” VOA; Iran — The Psychological Problem; Iran-US trade; notes on Shah’s speech; 1 photograph
7 [The connections between America and the Shah] Research Study: Elites and the Distribution of Power in Iran; The Top Forty Families; the Shah’s Inner Circle; Pahlavi family tree; Royal Family Participation in Iranian Business; Narcotic Situation Report; President’s Telephone Call to Shah; Shah’s Desire to Reside in the U.S.; 22 photographs
8 NO TITLE US Military Sales to Iran; the Shah’s appetite for equipment; Henry Kissinger; President’s Telephone Call to Shah: Issues and Talking Points; Inspection Report: the Conduct of Relations with Iran
9 NO TITLE shredded documents; attempts to develop relationship with SDLURE/1 (believed to be Bani-Sadr)
10 NO TITLE Abbas Amir-Entezam; Effect of Kurdish Fighting on Iranian Relations with Iraq; 25th Anniversary Celebration of Algerian Revolution; George Cave Visit to Tehran; Arrival of Khomeini; Nasser Minachi; Attempts to develop relationship with SDLURE/1 (believed to be Bani-Sadr)
11 America: Supporters of Usurpers of the Qods Israel: Foreign Intelligence & Security Services; Yitzhak Rabin
12 US Interventions in Iran (2) Country Policy Summary ad Program Analysis, Iran; foreign policy goals and objectives;
12 US Interventions in Iran (3) Camp David; Letter from Jimmy Carter to the Shah; Iran: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?; Increase in Religious Pressure on Government; Darioush Bayandor; the Situation in Iran; Crowd Control Equipment in Iran; the Iranian Character and its Unchangeability; Irana nd the Shah: A Rocky Road Ahead; Iranian Bureaucratic Behavior: Political Attitudes in Southern Iran; Pessimism About Iranian Stability; the Sharif-Emami Government: An Analysis and Projection; Background to Current Unrest; Traditional Iranian Politics — the Cure for the Future?; Looking Ahead: Shifting Ianian Public Attitudes;
13 US Interventions in Iran (4) Iranian Oil Sector Strike; The Gathering Crisis in Iran; Looking Ahead: the Military Option; Bazaari Views on Current Situation; Iran Situation; Situation in Iran; Student and Landowner Reactions to the Military Gov’t; Threat to Americans from “Underground” Dissidents; Military Government; Opposition to the Shah; Policy of Iranian Gov’t During Moharram; Iran’s Opposition and Foreign Policy; Lost Chances: the Mood of Despair Grows; Influence of Khomeini; Views of the Religious
13 US Interventions in Iran (5) Corruption in Iran; Brezinski-Zahedi; Prepare Ourselves fro the Unthinkable; Alleged Plots to Kill U.S. Citizens in Iran; The U.S. Image in Iran; Improvements int eh Quality and Relevance in Political Analysis; Draft Human Rights Report; Education vs. Revolution
14 US Interventions in Iran (6) Iran’s New Constitution: The Arguments; the Bazargan GovernmentOne Month Later and Prospects for the Future; March 30th Referendum; Memorandum: the Attack on the American Consulate Tabriz; Memorandum: Iran as Seen by Tw Academians; Iran’s Referendum and Prospects for the Future; Miscellaneous Observations on Life in Kermanshah; the Anti-American Syndrome; the Revival of Islam Fundamentalism: the Case of Iran by Willam E. Griffith
15 US Interventions in Iran (7) Heightened Tensions After Motahari’s Assassination; Social Notes from Isfahan; Observations on Contemporary Iran Prepared for Ambassador Walter L Cutler and DCM Allan Wendt by Marvin Zonis, University of Chicago; Religion and Progress in Iran by Michael M.J. Fischer, Harvard University; Department of State Colloquium on Iran, May 25, 1979; Anti-US Demonstration May 25; Deterioration of Political Climate; Executions in Iran; Constitutional Issue to the Fore; Waiting for Godot: Iranian Style; the Iranian Political Labyrinth and the US; A Farewell to Alarms; Women’s Rights in Revolutionary Iran
16 US Interventions in Iran (8) Alternative Views From the Provinces; Iran: Communication Environment Problems, Prospects, Ideas; Soviet Policy Toward Iran; the COuncil of Experts Approves Government of Theologians; Clerical Influence; Khomeini Moderates His Attacks on Intellectuals; Work of COuncil of Experts Proceeds Slowly; Public Diplomacy Communications Between United States and Iran; Secretary’s Meeting with Yazdi; US Presence in Persian Gulf; Revolutionary Mashad; the Shah in the U.S.; OPEC;
17 [Good American connections]
19 America: Supporters of Userpers of the Qods [sic]
20 Political Parties in Iran (1) National Front; Shahpour Bakhtiar
21 Political Parties in Iran (2) Morteza Bazargan; Abdolrahman Boroumand; Karim Sanjabi; Ali Shaygan; Allahyar Salleh
22 Political Parties in Iran (3) Gholamhosein Sadighi; Keshawarz Sadr; Darius Foruhar; Hosein Mahdavy; Fereydun Mahdavi
23 Political Parties in Iran (4) Hedayatollah Matin-Daftari; Rahmatollah Moqadam-Maragheh; Radical Movement; Kanoon Vokala (Lawyers Center); Mozaffar Bagha’i-Kermani; Zahmatkeshan Party
24 Political Parties in Iran (5) Freedom Movement of Iran; Liberation Movement of Iran; Conversation: Mehdi Bazargan, Yadollah Sahabi, Mohammad Tavakoli; The Socialists Workers Party; Fedayeen; Mujahedeen; Iraj Eskandari; Tudeh Party; Threat Assessment: Iran
25 The Moderates (1) Khosro Khan Qashqai; Mohammad Kazem Shariatmadari; Rahmatollah Moqadam-Maragheh; Cyrus Elahi; Touraj Nasseri; Hadayat Eslaminia; Mehdi Pirasteh; Khosrow Eqbal; Karim Sanjabi
26 The Moderates (2) Jafar Sharif-Emami; Ali Amini; Political Moderates Organizing; Attitudes toward the Shah; Ahmad Jalali; Nasser Minachi; More Stirring Among Moderate Leaders; Opposition Leaders Released: Demonstrations Planned; Karim Sanjabi; Medhi Pirasteh; Ahmad Bani-Ahmad; Abdol Karim Lahiji; Mohammad Derakshesh; Mohammad Kazem Shariatmadari; Eghbal’s Game Plan for Saving Iran; Mohsen Pezeshkpur; Regency Council; Discussion with Qashqai Leader; Proposal for Return of Nasser Khan Qashqai; Proposed American Pro-Shah Group; Minatchi on Sadiqi’s Attempts to Form Government; Meeting with Oppositionist Derakhshesh; Minatchi Views on Bakhtiar Efforts to Form Government; Mohammad Hossain Khan Qashqai Comments on Bakhtiar Candidacy and General Fereidun Jam; Khosrow Qashqai; Bazaari Views on Bakhtiar Candidacy and on Continuing Confrontation; Views of Mashad University Chancellor Parviz Amouzegar on Bakhtiar Prime Ministry and Iran’s Future; Clergy Oragnizing to Help Stabilize Public Order
27 The Moderates (3) Bakhtiar’s Views on Military Sales and Security Relationship; Another Moderate opposition Group Gets in Touch; Professor’s Group to Move for University Reopening; Meeting with Ayatollah Shariatmadari; Bakhtiar Presents his Cabinet: Shafaqat is Defense Minister; Shah Supporters Ready to Switch Sides; First Meeting wtih National Front Leader Karim Sanjabi; Shariatmadari Reportedly Seeks U.S. Support; Failure of a Mission to Khomeini; Bazaaris Fears for the Future; Khomeini’s Plans; Political Gossip Among the Young Elite; Biographic Information on New Gov’t; Hoveyda Loyalist Lets Off Steam; Political Pot Boiling Vigorously, Threat of Violence Grows; Khomeini Arrival; Moderates Continue to Organize but Fear Communists and Khomeini;
28 The Moderates (4)
29 Afghanistan (1) Biographic Report: Mohammad Daud, President of Afghanistan; Afghanistan in 1977: an External Assessment; the Political and Military Situation in Afghanistan; Biographic Data on Afghan Cabinet; First Conversation with New Afghan President; Future of US Aid Programs in Afghanistan; Iranian Assessment of Afghan developments and U.S.-Afghan Relations; New Afghan Decree Liberalizes Marriage Arrangements; Aid to Afghanistan; Gailani Representative Reports Progress in Unifying Afghan Dissident Groups; Educational Backgrounds of Ministers and Deputy ministers in the Afghan Government; Free-lance Afghan Rebel Calls on Embassy; Limited Iranian Response to Afghan Rebel Appeal; Afghanistan: Prospects for Soviet Intervention; Reported Appointment of Soviet Diplomat as Adviser to DRA; Soviet-Afghan Relations; Libyan Support for Afghan Revolutionaries;
30 Afghanistan (2)
31 Kurdistan (1)
32 Kurdistan (2) Shredded documents; 17 photographs
33 The Non Aligned
34 [America's political colonialism]
35 Leaders of the Arabian Penninsula: Puppets of the Great Satan [sic] Saudi Arabia; Aramco
36 Userpers of the Qods [sic] Placing Pro-Israel Material in the Press; Contact with the Israeli Representative in Iran; Israeli Intelligence Cooperation with the Iranian Government; Iran-Israel Oil Trade; Eilat- Ashkelon Pipeline; Tel Aviv’s A-777; INR Report April 1968, Subject: “The NEw ISraeli Pipeline: Fact not Fiction; Shah’s Interest in Israeli Pipeline; Uriel Lubrani; National Basic Intelligence Factbook [Israel]; Settlements; Israel’s Economic Problems; shredded documents”
37 Manners of political colonialism Persecution of Bahais; Persecution of Jews
38 [Paris gives refuge to American spies] Shredded documents
39 Kuwait (1) Sheikh Ali Khalifa Al Sabah
40 Kuwait (2) Possibility of Oil Worker Disruption; Kuwaiti Press; Palestinians in Kuwait; Labor in Kuwait; Unions; Arab-Iranian Relations; Camp David; Tensions between Kuwaiti Groups: the Sabahs, the Shi’a, Old Merchant Families vs Other “town Kuwaitis, “Town” Kuwaitis vs Bedouin; Composition of the Expatriate Community (table)
41 Turkey: another view into U.S. crimes Turkey’s New Leaders: President Fabri Koruturk and Prime Minister Naim Talu; Biographic Report: Bulent Ecevit; Iranian/Turkish Relations; Cyprus; Kurds; carrot-and-stick approach
42 Palestine Sabri Jiryis and Issam Sartawi in the United States; PLO; Guidance Re U.S. Official Contacts with the PLO; PLO Threats to US Interests; Use of Iranian and other Middle Eastern Passports by Palestinian Groups;
43 Palestine (2) [Monograph] International Terrorism: A Compendium Volume II — Middle East
44 Palestine All shredded documents, difficult to read
45 Pakistan (1) American Security Assurances to Pakistan; the Shah of Iran Drops by For Lunch [with Zia]; Pakistan Reprocessing Issue; Pakistna, IRan and Reprocessing; The Iranian-Guaranteed Commercial Bank Loan to Pakistan; Dept. of Higher Intelligence — Pakistan; Ishaq Khan / Agha Shahi Visit to Moscow; Surfacing of French-Pakistan Reprocessing Issue; Press and GOP Reaction to Reprocessing Deal Cancellation Surprisingly Mild; Pakistani Nuclear Chief Visit to Italy; Resumption of US Aid to Pakistan; Pakistan Ambassador to France Hard-Lines on Reprocessing Plant; PK Nuclear Intentions; Discussion with French Official on Nuclear Matters; Islamic Economy: Evolution Not Revolution; Iranian-Paksitani Relations; Pakistan USSR Trade Protocol; GOP Asks UN for Afghan Refugee Assistance; Economic Implications — Post-Bhutto; Local Bodies’ Elections: The NExt Political Storm?; Pakistan Delegation to Fez Conference; Bhutto Aftermath: The Fortieth Day Approaches; Pakistani Diplomat Discusses Soviet-Pak Relations, Afghanistan; Bhuttos “Chelum” Passes with Few INcidents; Zia Says in BBC Interview He “Hopes” to Hold Election in November; Law and Oder in Baluchistan — Growing Concern and Tension Over Afghanistan; COMIDEASTFOR Visit Exposes Strength of Support for US-PAk Ties Among Military Services; GOP-Embassy Exchange on Chad; Visit to Pakistan of Reader’s Digest Editor Wlliam Griffith; French Diplomats Beaten in Incident Near Alleged Nuclear Site; Tempest Over Women in Politics; Sunni-Shia Differences on Islamization Pose Dilemma and Danger for GOP; Pakistan and Zia Ul-Haq at the Two Year Mark;
46 Pakistan (2) Students March on Daily [Newspaper] “Muslim,” Afghan Refugee Total up another 25,000; Pakistan Reaction to Fall of Desai Government; Pakistani Public Relations Campaign on Nuclear []; Zia Ul-Haq, Elections, ad the Indian Situation; Shahi Visit to Kabul Not Liekly Before September; President Zia Ul-Haq to Attend Havana Nam Summit; Khurshid AHmed Reviews the PFY; Shia Minority Resistance to Sunni-Oriented Islamicaztion; Cuban Minister Visits; Zia Changes the Budget a Little; Budget Expenditures: Subsidies, Defense and Debt Service Take the Lion’s Share; Islamic Rally at Peshawar University; Reported Deal with the US to Save Bhutto and Stop Nuclear Program; Election ’79 — The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP); Reaction Worsens to New York Times Article on Nuclear Issue; Negative Reactions to Zia’s Proportional Representation Proposal Are Rolling in; Zia Ul-Haq Names LGen Iqbal Acting President During Absence; Press Publishes Benazir Bhutto’s “Nuclear Deal” Letter; Havana Nam Summit: Zionism and Racism Issue; $200 million Saudi Loan; Faiseh Iqbal; Invertebrate; Pakistani-US COnsultations in Washington; MLA Moves to Implement Tougher Martial Law System; Baluchistan; Rescheduling of $580 million Iranian Loan
47 USSR The Aggressive East sec 1-1
48 USSR The Aggressive East sec 1-2
49 USSR The Aggressive East sec 1-3
50 USSR The Aggressive East sec 2
51 USSR The Aggressive East sec 3-1
52 USSR The Aggressive East sec 3-2
53 USSR The Aggressive East sec 4
54 Egypt Anwar Sadat; United Arab Republic; Abd el-Latif el-Baghdadi; Zakaria Mohieddin; Ashraf Ghorbal; Israel
55 The Moderates (5) Mohammad Kazem Shariatmadari; Moghadam Maraghei; Hassan Nazih
56 The Moderates (6) Abbas Amir Entezam; Bahram Bahramian; Khosrow Qashqai; Sam Sanjabi; Ali Saifpour-Fatemi; Touraj and Fereidun Nasseri
57 The International Oil Industry through 1980 [Monograph] The International Oil Industry through 1980
58 The Oil Market through 1985 [Monograph] An Intelligence Assessment: The Oil Market through 1985
59 Communist Country's Economic/Military Activities [Monograph] Research Paper: Communist Aid Activities in Non-Communist Less Developed Countries 1978
60 US Interventions in Iran (9) A Review of the Security System of Iran; Memorandum of Conversation with French Consul, Khorramshahr; Semi Annual Assessment of the Political Situation in Iran; Reform in Iran; Youth; Iran National Intelligence Survey; The Strong Man Tradition; Oil and What Else?; As the Shah Goes, So Goes Iran; Iraq is Iran’s Most Active Antagonist; 16 photographs
61 US Interventions in Iran (10) Iranian Attitude Towards Foreigners in Iran (Interviews with Shaul Bakhash, Mahnaz Afkhami, Khodadad Farmanfarmaian, Mrs. Farhang Mehr, Shahram Chubin, Mohamad Taheri, and others); Tabriz Riots of March 18, 1978; Hassan Pakravan; Disturbances in Isfahan; Social Unrest in Shiraz
62 US Interventions in Iran (11) [Monograph] Inspection Report: The Conduct of Relations with Iran
63 US Interventions in Iran (12) Iran: Renewal of Civil Disturbances; Organization of Pro-Shah Counter-measures; Instructions from Ayatollah Khomeini to Stage Anti-Government Demonstrations During Moharram; French Economic Interests in Iran;  Ayatollah Khomeini; Israel and Developments in Iran; How the Present Situation Came About; Economic Discussions of the Supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini; What Went Wrong in Iran?; A Letter to Cyrus Vance from Ebrahim Yazdi; Amir Entezam Statement; Yazdi in New York: Where Now?; Post-Revolutionary Industry in Tabriz: Mercedes Benz
64 The US Global Policy Facts or Claims
65 Economic & Political Trends in the Arabian Penninsula [sic] [Monograph] An Intelligence Assesment: Economic & Political Trends in the Arabian Peninsula
66 Iranian Oil Sector Strike Iranian Oil Sector Strike
67 Arm Agents Influence Peddlers Abolfath Mahvi; General H. Toofanian; Northrop Grumman
68 Illusion of Overthrow Hamid Shirazi; Cyrus Ramtin; Hashem Kambaksh; Hushang Nahavandi; Firooz Sharifi; Manouchehr Ganji; Freydon Afshar-Palizban; Shredded documents
69 Developing Countries: oil potential, policies, and constraints. [Monograph] Developing Countries: oil potential, policies, and constraints
70 The US Military Advisory Mission in Iran (1) Various Iran-US agreements on US military advisory; Mossadegh’s government and the US military advisory
71 The US Military Advisory Mission in Iran (2) Application of the Vienna Convention to US military personnel in Iran
72 The US Military Advisory Mission in Iran (3) Application of the Vienna Convention to US military personnel in Iran;