The Glossary of a History of Muslim Philosophy (1994)

absence from God
absolute: eternity
absolute: nothing
absolute: soul
abstract: dimension
abstract: unity
accumulated ignorance
active intellect
active power
angelic intellect
annihilation in God
annihilation in unity
anthropomorphic notion(s)
appetitive: faculty
appetitive: self
apprehensive power(s)
assigning the task to the self
astray-going state, the
atheistic: materialism
Atomic School
authentic: collection(s)
bad innovation
baser self
Being: absolutely
Benevolent Stone
best revealed book
black bile
blindness, the
bondage of authority
Boundless Time
breath of the compassionate, the
Bridge: over hell, the
calculation of virtue(s) and vice(s)
camel-drivers chant
carnal soul
Cave of concealment, the
certitude: about the oneness of God
chain of the narrator(s) supporting a tradition
change(s) wrought by time, the
cognitive unity
common essence
complaint against time
competence of reason
compound: ignorance
connective being (1)
connective being (2)
contemplating mind
continent person
controlling power
conventional terminology
cosmic: ego
cosmological argument
creation: from nothing
creation: in time
Dark Mist
deduced prohibition
denial of the divine attribute(s), the
denial of likeness and similitude
dialectic syllogism
direct apprehension
dispenser of forms
distasteful plant(s)
divesting Him of his attribute(s)
duration in the limited sense
dynamic – occasionalistic [sic]
efficient autonom: cause
eloquence: of discourse
amanation [sic]: of Logos
encircling sphere
enthusiastic notion(s)
epic narrative
erotic vers [sic]
esoteric: alphabet
esoteric: movement
esoteric: truth
eternal: attributes
eternal: reality
eternity: in essence
eternity: in time
eternity: of movement and time
eternity: of the world
ever – renewed creation
evil-prompting self
exalted: pen
exceptionally occult
excessive spirituality
exist in that which occupies space
experiential unity
experimental psychology
extended being
fear: and hope
fear: and sorrow
finite: being
finite: sin
first: cause
first: contact with reality
first: sphere
fixed star(s)
force of inertia, the
form of the species, the
freedom: from corporeality
freedom: from similitude
fundamental postulate
Future Body
general and the particular, the
generosity and manliness
good: and evil
goodness: and badness
graceful patience
grade(s) of abstraction
Greatest Doctor, the
habitual intellect
harmony: between action(s) and intention(s)
honoured epitome
human, the
ideal City-State
ideal determination
illegitimate thinkingt
immaterial: essence
immaterial: intelligence
immaterial: substance
immunity from sin and error
incorporeality of the soul
indivisible unit(s)
ineffable experience
infinite: Primal Being
infinite: Time
initiatic realization
initiation and authority
innermost secret
insinuating self
intellective soul
intelligible: existence
intelligible: universal reality(ies)
intelligible: world
intermediate potency(ies)
invasion(s) of nature
land of nowhere
latent reality
lauded station
leaping of atom
lighted body
literary artifice(s)
lord of the Species, the
man of evil practice, a
material phenomenal world
mature wisdom
men of verification
mental existence
metaphysical: reality(ies)
metaphysical: speculation(s)
mind-body dualism, the
mineral soul
mixed whole (chaos)
momentary existence
most beautiful name(s), the
most hidden state, the
most indeterminate of all indeterminate(s), the
most universal being, the
multiplicity: of eternal(s)
mystery: of predestination, the
natural essence
natural inspiration
nearest light, the
Nocturnal Ascent
nutritive soul
objective existence
occupies space
ordinary reason
outside to inside
particular reason
passing exigency(ies)
perceptual knowledge
perfect faith
perfect servant
perfect sufi
Period of the Mixture
portion of time
possible intellect
potential being
potential intellect
power of anger
power of motion of body
precision of discrimination
principality of the quiddity
public well-being
pugnacious soul
quantum jump
Real: annihilation
reasonable soul
Recording Angels
refraining from the unseemly
repentance: of a true type
representational view
Restraint of Impetuous Youth
self: reproaching soul
sensuous knowledge
separated imagination
separated intelligence(s)
small existent
soul: cultivation
speculative sufism
spontaneous generation
substantial light
Superhuman spirit
thing-in-itself, the
traditional: questions
two-fold truth
uninterrupted vision
union: of the union, the
unmoved mover, the
vegetative soul
watching the breath(s)
without asking how
without drawing any comparison
without raising the question how or why
world: builder
world: of ideas, the
world: of inverted form(s)